Oustanding forms in office decorations – colours, styles and interesting ideas.

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Now offices, especially in large organisations, are no more dolorous and unfriendly places. In the late 90s they have started to be colourfulcheerful and decorated with beautiful patterns. Giants such as Google, Facebook, Amazon there are just a few companies which images abolish stereotypes of grim corporations.

Create your own bike, quick and simple

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When spring has arrived, we have a lot more energy for everyday activities. We are doing overhauls in our houses, decorating the garden, sometimes also going for a short trip to the mountain. But the most humans start to exercising. They are going to the gym, practicing Yoga, having great time on the tennis court. When you don’t have to much time for any tasks like that, but you still like to stay in shape, you should begin to ride a bicycle. But not regular one – so design your own bike!